heirlooms. . .

"I want to be part of the resurgence of things that are tangible, beautiful and soulful, rather than just give in to the digital age..." - Jack White


Folio Fine Art Albums are made in England to the highest quality.

Your precious memories from your wedding day are not to be spent living online or on a USB stick.Or to be printed in a shiny, low quality photo book. They are taken to be printed in a luxurious album. If you have ever held such an album, you probably already know that. Images seem so much more alive when they are printed. More real.

You need a high quality wedding album, because it is an investment in your future and beyond.

I find it incredibly heart warming looking at old family photos. My family and I have laughed so hard at some of the frocks my Grandma fashioned back in the day, one in particular where she died her hair lemon yellow to match her dress. I still smile today when I think about it. Photographs are such a beautiful way of bringing all the family together.

So the way you and I feel while looking at faded family photos, one day the generations after you will go through those same feelings when they look at your pictures.

What a beautiful legacy, if you can carry on an entire album of your wedding, and they can hold it in their hands and tell the stories of Grandma and Grandpa's great love.


All of our collections include fine art prints wrapped in hand dyed silk ribbon.