9th July 2016


We were blown away that Natasha flew out DAYS before our wedding to get to know us, and had such a lovely time with her in Santa Maria. Natasha’s laid-back approach meant that we both felt so relaxed on the day, and we also were so appreciative that your creativity pushed us to take a few photos that we otherwise might have said no to! Petal & Blush Artistry came highly recommended by My Secret Italy, and we have been absolutely overjoyed at the final result – your photos managed to perfectly capture the joy and warmth (literally and figuratively!) that we felt on the day. We especially love that Natasha’s timing was so dead on – she managed to capture a number of candid little glances between us and between our guests on the day, which are so natural and are some of our favourite images of the day. Natasha also worked so well with our brilliant videographer, Neil, and they both had us in stitches when they would randomly pop out from behind a tree or door, determined to capture some unnoticed shots!