8 Reasons It’s Beneficial For You To Have An Engagement Session

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So many clients that book my top wedding photography package ask if they have to have an engagement session, as they are complimentary with my top packages.  Of course you don’t have to, but here are 8 reasons why having one will really benefit you

1. Having an engagement session prior to your wedding photos helps build trust between you as the couple and me as the photographer. As that bond is being made prior to the wedding day, you will feel so much more relaxed in front of the camera on your day.

2. You have the chance to see how I work while shooting. This will also help you to feel more relaxed on your day, as there are no surprises with regards to the excersises I go through to get really natural emotions from you both, or with how I might pose you, to give a couple of examples.

3. It’s a really great opportunity to have some beautiful photos together, that may not look anything like your wedding photos. For example, if your getting married in a country manor, then you may want to head in to the city for your engagement photos. That way, the two sets look completely different. Or, you may want them to look similar, whichever you are happy with.

4. You can use these photos to make your wedding guest book, or save the dates/wedding invitations. A past Bride did this for hers and everyone commented on how great her guest book was.

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5. It’s a rare opportunity for you to spend some quality time together, to remember why you fell in love in the first place. We all are guilty of getting caught up in day to day life that we take our loved ones for granted. I have seen some powerful connections and emotions come through during engagement sessions, and it’s really beautiful to see.

6. I have the chance to learn how you are in front of the camera. What areas of concern you may have, your ‘better’ side, which again helps me when photographing you on your wedding day.

7. Treat yourselves. Buy a new outfit, get your hair and makeup done. It’s an experience, not just a photo session. You will feel a million dollars, and the best comes out of you in front of the camera as your both feeling confident and happy.

8. Have some fine art prints done, or a mini album. These make really unique gifts for your Parents/Family that they will love – Trust me!

Sam and Amy's engagement photo shoot New Mills

I hope these points have helped to give you a better understanding, on why engagement sessions are a really great investment.

As I mentioned above, it’s not just a photo session, it’s an experience.

An experience that will stay with you for years to come, and I promise you that you will both really enjoy yourselves.

I know a lot of us are terrified at the thought of having our picture taken, and only do so on a ‘needs must’ basis, but honestly, they are really relaxed and natural.

Just a chance for the two of you to enjoy each other.