How To Avoid Wasting Money While Planning Your Dream Wedding


I was recently selling one of my camera lenses on eBay. It was one I purchased when I was very new to photography, and used it just once for a Church wedding – It has since sat in it’s box gathering dust! So I decided to put it on eBay, after having no luck trying to sell it elsewhere. It was listed for 5 months and finally I had someone interested in buying it! To cut the story short,  the seller ‘bought’ my lens, but never actually paid for the it.  So I cancelled the order, and the buyer accepted the cancellation. Great I thought, until I received an email from eBay stating I would still be charged the final value fee (which was quite a lot at £96) and it would be ‘credited’ to my account to sell future items on eBay.

This really wound me up! The cheek!

It had just been Christmas, I was absolutely skint, and I could NOT afford for close to a £100 to go out of my account – especially when I hadn’t even sold the item!

I of course contacted eBay, who then advised me that this is stated their terms and conditions. There was nothing that could be done to stop the money from leaving my account!

I suppose I should’ve been grateful that the fee is being credited back on to my eBay account, but this doesn’t really help me at all as I very very rarely sell anything on eBay!

So this recent ‘event’ inspired this blog post. You’re probably sat there reading and thinking ‘how on earth does this relate to my wedding?!’ ‘How can this help me?’

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But you see, I try so hard to address my clients ‘pain points’ – what they need help with and how I can help them – and if you are anything like me then one of your pet peeves will be WASTING money! I hate it! This is something that annoys and niggles at me no end! (I definitely get this from my Mother, it drives her crazy if she wastes a £1!)

Does this sound familiar?

So, how does this relate to you while you’re planning your dream wedding?

Firstly, before paying a booking fee and signing a contract for your chosen wedding suppliers – read the small print! I know some supplier contracts are lengthy and sometimes you are just so excited to book them that you quickly skim over their terms and conditions – but this could end up costing you quite a lot of money if something was to happen, and you had to either cancel or rearrange the wedding for another date. Take the contract home if you need too and set aside some time to really read through the T&C’s before signing on the dotted line. If there is anything in there that you don’t fully understand, contact the supplier and ask them to explain it in further detail. What is their cancellation policy? How far in advance of your wedding will you need to pay in full? If you have already paid in full and the wedding is cancelled, will they refund you? Is their booking fee non refundable? How much would it cost if you had to transfer the wedding to a different date?

These are the types of questions you need to be asking before booking your wedding suppliers, if it isn’t already stated in their T&C’s.

Talk through your expectations with your suppliers and be clear on what exactly it is you are paying for. Are there any hidden costs? Talk through how they usually work on the day of the wedding so you know what to expect.

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Be careful you’re not spending money where you don’t need to – whether it’s being talked in to adding chair covers to your venue package, when actually you can’t abide chair covers and you never imagined having them at your wedding. Or spending a fortune on a big fancy cake – when you don’t even like cake and would be happy with a homemade DIY cake!

Make sure you know your budget, what’s important to you and what isn’t. I’m sure you’ll already have a pretty clear idea on your vision for your dream day (if you’re anything like me, you will be a pinterest-a-holic and will have been pinning long before you were even engaged!) so try to keep this in mind if any suppliers try to lure you in to spending money on things you don’t want or need.

I know this post is a bit more informative than usual, but I do hope it has helped you while you are planning your dream wedding!

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