Things To Bear In Mind If You Want A Church Ceremony

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Today the sun is shining, yey (unlike yesterdays awful weather!) so I thought I would take a quick break from editing to write a quick blog post on ‘things to bear in mind if you want a Church ceremony’ in terms of your photography.

This post has been inspired by recently photographing weddings in various different Churches all over Lancashire, so along the way I have picked up a few pieces of advice that I wanted to share with you…

If you are thinking of having a Church ceremony, I hope these pieces of advice help!


Is your photographer allowed to photograph the Ceremony?

Of course, this is a biggie. Have you checked with your Vicar that he/she is happy for your wedding photographer to photograph the Ceremony? Even if you have known your Vicar all of your life and they are pretty much like family, you should always ask the question before you make the decision to book the Church. In my experience, this is usually ok. However, last month I turned up to a Church where I was informed I could not photograph the Ceremony at all once the Bride had walked down the aisle. I had previously asked the couple if I was allowed and they were under the impression I could. So obviously you could imagine how gutted I felt for my clients after being told that actually I couldn’t on the day, when it was too late. So, ALWAYS check before booking the Church if having photos of the ceremony is important to you!

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If your photographer is allowed to photograph the Ceremony, where are they allowed to stand?

Depending on where your photographer is allowed to stand can be crucial to your photographs. A recent wedding I photographed at a Church I had to stand to the side of the Bride & Groom, which meant I couldn’t see their facial expressions, the exchanging of rings, the kiss. I could only see the side of their heads, and when they faced each other I only saw the back of their heads, which of course wasn’t ideal at all. So again, make sure this is something you question with your Vicar prior to booking.

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What is the lighting like in the Church?

Another crucial point in regards to the success of your photographs. Is there a lot of natural light? Does the Church have indoor lighting, and if so what is it like? The last Church I photographed in had the worst yellow flood light type lights, that blasted the Bride & Groom right in the face which looked absolutely awful. The whole Church was lit up very yellow/orange, which is every photographers worst nightmare and does not look great on photos.

bride and groom church ceremony

Are you allowed to have confetti thrown outside of the Church?

If having a confetti shot outside the Church is important to you, then make sure you ask your Vicar if this is allowed. In my experience a lot of Churches don’t allow this, so just double check if this is something you really want on your day.

confetti outside of church

I do hope you found this post useful if you are thinking of having a Church ceremony!

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