Why I Feel So Strongly About Investing In A Beautiful Wedding Album

fine art wedding albums

I was recently watching ‘The Bachelorette’ and one of the dates really touched my heart.

Desiree (the bachelorette) & James visited New Jersey following the destruction hurricane Sandy has caused to the shore, and met the sweetest older couple, whose home was completely destroyed from the storm. The storm came the night they were celebrating their wedding anniversary and unfortunately never got the chance to celebrate, as they sat upstairs with their family in the dark, while it was cold, wet and muddy trying to stay safe.

Manni & Jan, the couple who lost their home to hurricane Sandy, said that the water came into their home so quickly that they didn’t have a chance to rescue anything from getting ruined, and unfortunately lost their wedding album to water damage.

Honestly, it was heartbreaking to hear them talking about this, I had full blown tears in my eyes!

Desiree & James ended up giving their date to Manni & Jan so they could finally enjoy their anniversary, which was so sweet because it made them so happy, it was wonderful to watch. As a surprise on their date, they were given a replica version of their wedding album, which had photoshopped versions of their wedding photos (I have no idea how they did this, but Manni & Jan said it was identical to the one they lost!)

Their faces lit up. They were SO happy. They had tears in their eyes, they cried and hugged each other as they flicked through the pages together, remembering their day and how special it was. Jan said “I thought this was gone,” as she kissed her husband on the cheek, with the biggest smile on her face “they brought it back to life again.” (cue the tears from me again!)

Jan said she had always wanted to give their wedding album to her grandkids, but thought it was gone forever so she would never have the chance. They said they will cherish this forever, as they wiped away tears from their eyes.

I am so passionate about having photographs printed. I hate the thought of them getting buried on my phone, or forgotten about on a computer, or even lost when technology fails us. How many of us can actually say that they often look through their photos on a computer? Or flick through the thousands of photos stored on our phones? I certainly don’t, because I find it incredibly boring, and somewhat lifeless.

Photos don’t feel the same to me when I look at them on a screen. They don’t have the same meaning.

But when I look through my photo albums… It’s a whole different story. I adore flicking through my photo albums. It makes me smile, laugh, cry even. When I come across a photo of my Uncle Mark or Grandad and any other of my loved ones who have sadly passed away, I can touch their face and give them a kiss.

To me, you just have to enjoy photos in printed form. It’s the only way, in my opinion.

I created an album for Anthony for our one year anniversary, with all the photos from our dates and time we spent together in our first year and I wrote little notes next to each photo, and we both absolutely love flicking through that album. I personally hold it very close to my heart because it means a lot to both of us and it holds such happy, wonderful memories.

I feel so strongly about investing in a wedding album for the same reason.

fine art wedding albums from Folio

Your precious memories from your wedding day are not to be spent living online or on a USB stick. Or to be printed in a shiny, low quality photo book. They are taken to be printed in a luxurious album. If you have ever held such an album, you probably already know that. Images seem so much more alive when they are printed. More real.

You need a high quality wedding album, because it is an investment in your future and beyond.

I find it incredibly fascinating and heart warming looking at old family photos. The memories, the colours, the fashion, the imperfections of film. My family and I have laughed so hard at some of the frocks my Grandma fashioned back in the day, one in particular where she died her hair lemon yellow to match her dress. It reminded me of the film Greece. I still smile today when I think about it. Photos are such a beautiful way of bringing all the family together; laughing, crying, remembering how they felt at that moment in time.

So the way you and I feel while looking at faded family photos, one day the generations after you will go through the same feelings when they look at your pictures.

What a beautiful legacy, if you can carry on an entire album of your wedding, and they can hold it in their hands and tell the stories of Grandma and Grandpa’s great love.

Technology grows at such a rapid speed, that those photos you hold so dear to your heart on that USB stick, you may not be able to access in 10 years time.

When you’re already investing so much in to the photography for your wedding day, why would you not further invest in a beautiful album to hold those precious photos?

fine art wedding photography

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